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Milan Mela, Kolkata

This is a trade centre re-modification project in central Kolkata of approx. 22Acres area. Salient Features of the project–

  • Two Pavilion block of 120m x 75m without any intermediate column support.
  • Heavy structural job of approx. 5000 MT.
  • Speed floor joist of approx. 20000sqm has been used in Car Parking Area.
  • Structural Clock tower of 62m height
  • LED spherical Globe of 6m dia at 60m height.
  • 20000sqm of Granite area.
  • Tensile Fabric of 21000sqm to be fixed.
  • Aluminum roof sheeting of 20000sqm.
Main works taken up by Visionaire include 3D projection system, LED Spherical Ball, Building Management System, LPG Gas Bank Active components, IPBAX, UPS and more.

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