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Auditorium, Alipore, Kolkata

This is one of a kind project in India with a 2400 seater Auditorium coming up in the shape of a Conch considered pristine as per Indians.

Regional inspiration for this unique design

  • SHANKH, is of great importance and symbolizes luster, brilliance, purity and auspiciousness.
  • In India, the sound of the conch is associated with the sacred syllable AUM, the first sound of creation.
  • Conches that spiral clockwise are said to symbolize the expansion of infinite space.
  • The conch shell was given to us to destroy all evil.
  • The Conch (SHANKH) named PANCHJANYA is the fountain that evolves the five elements, i.e., water, fire, air, earth and sky or space. When blown it produces a sound that is associated with primeval sound from which creation developed.

It is a more than 314 Cr+ project with special material being used for its unique shape and design. The facilities included –

  • MAIN PERFORMANCE AUDITORIUM (State of Art) for 2000 pax seating
  • SMALL AUDITORIUM For 400 pax seating
  • OPEN STAGE For Promotion Activity, Local Folk Music, Street Plays
  • GUEST HOUSE For Boarding and Lodging facility for Artists
  • RESTAURANT For Fine Dining
  • CAFETERIA for Fast food/ Local cuisine
  • MINI CONVENTION CENTRE With facility for Banquet, meeting, etc.
  • BASEMENT PARKING2 levels of Car parking with Proper Ventilation
  • Stage (State of Art for Drama, Music, Orchestra, Opera, Dance, and Fashion shows)
  • Revolving stage: 2 concentric circles.
  • Inner circle-Along with lift floors from one floor below to 2.4m above stage level.
  • Outer circle-rotating 6 discs within the outer disc.
  • Additional 4 revolving and lift discs on sides.
  • And many more special features in each of the facilities above in terms of LED lightings, AV/LV systems etc

The Project is an ongoing work and Visionaire is taking care of the electrical works, LV/AV systems, Solar systems, Building Management System and more. 

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